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There are currently no opportunities in CAR.


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Primary School Teachers (URGENT) - N’Djamena

A school for children of missionary families urgently needs a Grade 7-8 teacher for the 2014-2015 school year. Short Termers interested in coming should have at least one year’s experience in teaching. All teaching would be done in English, and a one year commitment is needed. Basic knowledge of French would be helpful. (Please quote “Wellspring Academy Teacher”)

ESL Teachers - N’Djamena & Abeche

Two cultural centers in N’djamena and one in Abeche  are looking for ‘mother tongue’ English teachers. Short Termers would teach English for the purpose of developing relationships with the students. a 3 month minimum commitment is required, and some French is needed. (Please quote “Cultural Center ESL Teachers”)

High School Teacher - N’Djamena

A church-run high school with about 1,200 students is looking for teachers, especially for the maths, sciences, Bible and English. Teaching would be done in French. There would also be opportunities to be involved in leading Bible studies with the students.  School year: October – June. Level 3 French is required. (Please quote “Collège Évangelique Teacher”)

Theological Education - N’Djamena & Ba Illi

Teachers are needed for the missionary training college in Ba Illi and a degree level Bible school ESTES in N’Djamena.  Open to consider any time length. Level 3 French is required(Please quote “Missionary Training College Teacher”)

Medical Personnel - Bebalem

Bebalem Hospital is looking for lab techs, pharmacist, nursing tutors, doctors, and someone to upgrade/help the surgery department.  French speaking Medical Electives are welcome. Level 3 French is required(Please quote “Bebalem Hospital”)



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AIDS Ministry AdministrationAdi

Seeking someone with strong administrative skills to be involved in the ongoing AIDS ministry. They will help by setting up an office administration system (including finances), and possibly accompany the film animator to see his part of the ministry when he goes out to work in the communities (teaching young people about AIDS in the communities, showing movies, etc.). The Short Termer will also support the local AIM Full Term missionary and national partners in the area. A 6-7 month commitment and level 3 French are required. (Please quote “AIDS Ministry – ATFIN”)

AIDS Ministry Film Editor & TechnicianAdi

Looking for someone who is passionate and skilled in film editing. This placement is related to an AIDS ministry in a rural setting. Seeking a creative person to help produce a local film (in local language), including filming and editing. A Full Time AIM missionary has dreamed and prayed for this project to take off and be used to help educate many about AIDS, whilst also sharing the Gospel. The Short Termer would need to bring equipment. Level 3 French is required. (Please quote “AIDS Ministry – ATMED”)

IT TrainingBunia

Université Shalom Bunia (USB – a Seminary/Christian University), as well as the office of our church partner (CECA-20)  are looking for computer savvy people to train church office personnel in MS office as well as care for equipment, troubleshooting, internet use, etc. There is also a need for training in desktop publishing. There may be need for someone with skills in networking, LANs, hardware repair, virus and software problems. A 1 month minimum commitment is required, and some French. (Please quote “IT Training – USB & CECA20″)

University Development AssistantBunia

Université Shalom Bunia (USB – a Seminary/Christian University) is looking for someone to assist in their Development office, helping to write reports and to work on some of their research projects. Research projects include:

  1. Community based education against sexual violence,
  2. Theological and participative education against poverty (with several projects on the field),
  3. Research on the health of the church in Ituri after 10 years of war.

There will be additional opportunities to teach short term courses to our pastors who are in ministry, and do editing and setting the theological journal (Revue Theologique Shalom), which is published twice a year. Inquire about dates. French is helpful but not required. (Please quote “USB Development Assistant”)

University Website Hosting & TrainingBunia

The director of Université Shalom Bunia (USB – a Seminary/Christian University) is asking for someone to help with their USB website while teaching someone at the seminary how to keep it updated, receiving local reports, summarizing and communication. In addition, this person would help with newsletters, brochures, prayer guides, etc. A 6-12 month commitment and French are required. (Please quote “USB Website Hosting”)

ESL TeacherBunia

Université Shalom Bunia (USB – a Seminary/Christian University) is in need of an English as a Second Language teacher. The postgraduate program students need to be able to read English theological texts, as most evangelical theological literature is in English. The future role of the students will be integrally related to the growth of the church in the knowledge and service of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we see the program as potentially highly strategic. Seeking someone who has a passion to help theological students improve their English skills. The Short Termer needs to be skilled and certified in teaching English as a second language. A 2 month minimum commitment and French are required.

Boys’ Youth Worker - Bunia

We need young men to consult and train in developing programs for street boys living in a church-run shelter.  Short Termers would need experience in children’s ministry, social work and/or child psychology. A 2 month minimum commitment is required, as well as either French or Swahili. (Please quote “House of Grace”)


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There are currently no Short Term opportunities in Rwanda.



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Building & Construction (URGENT)Various locations

Our South Sudan team is growing! The Unit Leader is looking for experienced building/construction supervisors who will work alongside our Regional Logistics Manager to direct building of houses in several locations in Eastern Equatoria State of South Sudan.  Locations are remote, with minimal to no facilities.  Adapting plans and construction to suit local conditions, sourcing and procuring materials, supervising construction, training inexperienced local people, disciplining and demonstrating a strong Christian witness are essential. A 6 month minimum commitment is required, as well as experience in building/construction supervision. (Please quote “Building & Construction”)

Secondary School Teacher (URGENT)Lohutok

Qualified teachers in mathematics, English and sciences are urgently required for a church secondary school that has had a good record in the past. Unfortunately due to a community disagreement the school was severely disrupted last year.  The church has finally agreed to re-initate teaching this year by registering students at Senior 1 (Grade 9/Form 1). The next school year begins September 1, 2014. A 12 month commitment is required. (Please quote “Lohutok AIC Secondary School”)



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University PharmacistMbarara

Looking for a pharmacist to minister with the AIM team in Mbarara at Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST) and the associated teaching hospital. The Short Termer will teach on the BSc Pharmacy course at the university and other related courses, and be involved in the pharmacy department at the hospital. Must have a discipleship mindset and a BSc or MSc in Pharmacy. We desire a person with a heart for long term mission who is exploring the calling through short term work, and who desires to be involve in discipleship among healthcare professionals and students. A 6-12 month commitment is required, as well as experience of discipleship and teaching, but having been within a university setting is not necessary. This placement must coincide with a complete university semester(s) (Aug – Dec and Jan – May). (Please quote “MUST Pharmacist”)

Physiotherapist & TeacherMbarara

Looking for a physiotherapist to minister with the AIM team in Mbarara through working with the physio department at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital. Looking for a person with a heart for long term mission who is exploring the calling through short term work. Would like someone who has had some experience in discipleship among healthcare professionals and students. Physiotherapy Medical Electives are also desired. The Short Termer must have a BSc Physiotherapy and any level of experience. A 3 month minimum commitment is required (the longer the better!).  Please inquire for placement availability (not guaranteed). (Please quote “Physiotherapist – Mbarara”)

Student DiscipleshipMbarara

ABIDE is a discipleship program run by Juna Amagara Ministries, where young men who have just finished secondary school live and learn together. Four days of the week are devoted to learning—Bible classes as well as other life skills—while two are devoted to outreach and ministry. We’re looking for young male Short Termers who are passionate believers and who desire to walk in discipleship with youth of Africa. The Short Termers need to be willing be live in the house with the guys and disciple and learn alongside them (dormitory style housing). A 6 month minimum commitment is required. (Please quote “ABIDE – Mbarara”)

Special Needs TherapistKampala & area

A Full Time AIM missionary, working with organizations for special needs children, is asking for the following therapists for Kireka School for the Mentally and Physically Handicapped, located just outside Kampala:

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Speech Therapist

Kireka has especially asked for therapists, but would also take a nurse or others with special needs experience. They can provide housing (a room with beds) on campus beginning September, and the living situation is quite basic. This is a governmentt school but directed by Christians. There are opportunities to do Bible studies with staff, etc. We need to place two Short Termers together. Inquire about preferred arrival dates. A 3 month minimum commitment is required. (Please quote “Kireka Special Needs Therapist”)

Special Needs TherapistKampala & area

We’re looking for any of the following specialists to minister at DAWN, a daycare that serves kids with physical and mental disabilities in a holistic manner:

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Speech Therapist

The director would like volunteers/students who will take initiative in sharing their faith. Inquire about dates. A 3 month minimum commitment is required. (Please quote “DAWN Special Needs Therapist”)

University Teacher Training for Children with AutismKampala

Kyambogo University is seeking someone to assist with their teacher training for children with autism. The classroom for autistic children is under the psychology department, the training in special education is under the special education department, and the regular teaching department is overseeing the small school on campus.  There are lots of ministry opportunities with professors, students and ministry programs around campus. A 9-12 month commitment is required. (Please quote “Kyambogo Teacher Training – Autism”)

Dwelling Places TeacherKampala

Looking for someone with a passion for children who is willing to teach and work under a Ugandan organization. The teaching aspect of the role will be teaching street kids who are being brought from the Kampala streets into a remedial school situation at Dwelling Places. While getting the children used to school and forced into academics, the main goal of this ministry is to disciple them while Dwelling Places (“DP”) looks at reuniting them with their families. Seeking people with a hunger to invest in the spiritual lives and walks with the Lord of the children and staff at DP. Please inquire for current dates and needed skill sets. (Please quote “Dwelling Places Teacher”)

Music TeacherKampala

The Reform Theological College (“RTC”) is looking for a music teacher who has some teaching skill and working musical knowledge (preferably with some experience as a worship leader). The Short Termer should enjoy teaching others how to use worship music and a leadership position as one of influence, with a focus on Christ-Centered worship (versus performance worship). A 9-12 month commitment is required; the dates are open-ended. (Please quote “RTC Music Teacher”)

Certified Preschool Teacher and/or AssistantKampala

The Reform Theological College (“RTC”) is seeking someone who is strong in their faith and has a heart for children, who uses their position to teach Godly principles to students and, through relationships, their colleagues. Both Teacher and Assistant would be working with national students, so a desire to learn about different cultures is desired. As an Assistant, the Short Termer needs to have a willing and learner attitude, as they would be working with a national teacher. A 9-12 month commitment is required. (Please quote “RTC Preschool Teacher/Assistant”)

Gardener or LandscaperJinja

Seeking someone with skills in gardening and/or landscaping, who is willing to train and also disciple. Located at the Mto Moyoni counseling center on the Nile River. This placement would also allow the Short Termer to work with the national staff as well as other ministries the center is involved in. Inquire about dates. A 6-12 month commitment is required. (Please quote “Mto Moyoni Gardener/Landscaper”)

Catering Trainer & DisciplerJinja

The Mto Moyoni counseling center is in need of someone to help with training and discipling the Ugandan staff who are reaching out to bring healing to the nations. Someone with hotel management and/or catering skills would be a great blessing. They would be working in many different ways with the center staff, including youth work, sports, team-building and home visits. Looking for someone willing to be on the go, who is active, creative, and has a heart for training nationals. Inquire about dates. A 6-12 month commitment is required. (Please quote “Mto Moyoni Catering Trainer & Discipler”)



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