Matoke Inn

Matoke Inn gets its name from “Matooke,” the staple food of central Uganda. It’s what makes people feel full, satisfied and refreshed. And that’s the vision of the guesthouse – to provide a place where people can relax, be refreshed, refilled and ready to resume working where the Lord has sent them.

And it isn’t your average guest house. It is a valuable resource for providing pastoral care for AIM members whether they are just arriving, leaving or have been on the field for years.  And the inn is a refuge for those who come from extreme places where they’ve worked non-stop, often in harsh environments.  It is an oasis which provides physical, mental and spiritual refreshment. As Jesus sought a place to pull away for time with his Father, so do his workers.

One AIM worker says “I have been working in D.R. Congo since 1989, and have been involved with AIDS awareness, care and support since 2002. Over the years, responsibilities have grown with many meetings to attend, some of which involve a stopover in Kampala. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to stay at Matoke Inn, where I feel welcomed by the warm hospitality of the host and staff. It is a place to rest, relax, and chat with friends that work there, and a place to find God again in the quiet surroundings. No deadlines, no musts, only relaxing in an atmosphere that calms and where I feel at home. Most of the time I would like to stay longer than I am able, just to enjoy all of the above.”

There are plans for further development including new en-suite bedrooms and upgrading the kitchen and present building to meet the increased usage.

Projects like this lack the sense of urgency that those working directly with people in need have, such as crisis relief or HIV/AIDS education, but are just as important as they help our workers to continue in their care of God’s people in the Central Region. We want to ensure that Matoke Inn will continue to provide for present and future Aim members. Will you join with us in prayer for the needed funds to continue with the development of the property?

If you feel led to support this project you can contribute through any of our offices worldwide (see donation links below). Please quote project CR-102-R.


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