Are you staying next year?

Their parents are airplane pilots, Bible translators, and evangelists.  Their passports say Canada, South Korea, Australia, or Switzerland, but they call Chad home.  They love to dig for lizard eggs and play soccer.  They are missionary kids.

Their parents moved to Chad because God wanted them to serve here.  Quality schooling for their children is a vital piece of their life in Chad.  If the children struggle, the parents’ ministries suffer.   When their children are thriving, the parents can focus on their ministries.  That focus means the Bible gets translated, supplies are flown to missionaries who live hours from the city, and Chadian church pastors are encouraged and empowered.

Wellspring Academy is again the answer to the quality schooling question for eleven families with children in grades 1 through 8.  Now in its fourth year, Wellspring has been a tremendous blessing to missionary families who live and serve in N’Djamena, Chad.

Without teachers, it would be impossible for Wellspring Academy to continue blessing these families.  From the first day I arrived, both students and their families have not stopped asking me, “Are you staying next year?”  Unlike many schools in the United States, Canada, or England, there is no file of resumes or line of teachers begging for a job.  Wellspring students know that without teachers their school cannot function.

Yes, life in Chad has its challenges, but unless my experience is different than the rest of the world’s, life everywhere has challenges.  In contrast to those challenges, the joys of introducing 1st – 3rd graders to baking soda and vinegar science, long division, and a plethora of quality reading material are very real joys.  Listening to a five year old excitedly tell me that reading is easy and he loves those “Lion books” makes my day.  There is a huge blessing in knowing that because I am here the Bible is being translated, sick people are being helped, and Chadians are hearing about Jesus.

~ Jennifer Straw, teacher at Wellspring

Jennifer came to teach while waiting for her assignment on a team in the Central African Republic.  When that team was postponed, due to political turmoil in the country, she agreed to extend her time in Chad for a further year.  However, Wellspring still needs long term teachers! John Propst, Unit Leader for Chad says, “We are so excited that Jennifer is going to stay on for another year therefore Debbie can take a furlough.  We desperately need two more teachers for next year so there are three including Jennifer.”

Students at Wellspring Academy

Students at Wellspring Academy

Wellspring Academy is located on a compound with three simply-furnished apartments provided for its teachers.  School hours are 7:30-12:50, and there are three multiple grade classes.  All instruction is in English.

N’Djamena is a fairly large city, with multiple shops and open air markets.  The city electricity is on many evenings, while solar power is provided for the times without electricity.  French is the national language, with many local languages also spoken.  An English church fellowship meets twice a month, while many French speaking churches meet every week.

Parent Quotes

“Our girls have become reading fans over their years at Wellspring. They have developed a love of reading that has made a huge difference in their success at school and has spilled over into other areas of their lives.”

“Our children know that their teacher cares about them. We greatly appreciate all the little things she does to communicate this to all her students.”

“We are so thankful for Wellspring . . . for the love the teachers show to each student, to the “homeschool” feel of things, to the all school activities like music, art, and gym.”

“Wellspring Academy is an answer to prayer! Christian education in a small classroom setting is ideal and something we couldn’t even find back in Canada!”

“We were looking at other options for ministry but Wellspring Academy was a big factor in us choosing Chad.”


Are you a teacher?

Wellspring Academy urgently needs teachers for the 2015-16 academic year. Please contact your nearest sending office to submit an application (quote “Wellspring Academy Teacher”) by clicking on one of the following: